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Random Acts of Tarot

Tell us your cards story! Where did you find it?  What did the image bring to mind? What did it mean to you?
This site does not give tarot meanings, the fun part is that you do.  If you don't know the message at first, imagine that you do, you might be surprised at the message you find! 
This page allows you to share your experience of randomly finding a tarot card and to explore the journey of other’s who have also found a random tarot card.


What are Random Acts of Tarot? 

            Those in the tarot community have been known to randomly leave tarot cards around the city trusting that they will find their way into the hands of the right person.  This idea has always intrigued me.  Someone leaves a card, and someone finds it, a kind of paying it forward with tarot cards.  The act creates a shared experience amongst strangers.  It makes us pause for a moment, in the middle of the hustle and bustle of modern life and think, about ourselves, the image, and possibly even about the person who left it.  Why did I notice this card?  What does it mean to me?  What is the story in the imagery?  This type of moment can be rare, and precious in today’s fast paced world, so why not share the experience? 

     Random Acts of Tarot is an opportunity for the person who found the card to post their experience and the message they gleaned from the tarot card they found. It completes the connection. The person who left the card gets to see how their Random Act of Tarot affected the person who found the card.


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