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Creativity Is In Your Jeans!

We create our life through the sum of our daily decisions, conscious or not. My wish is that your jeans inspire you to create the life you were born to live.

     In addition to being a professional coach, I am a Painter. My studio jeans reflect a “walking” palette of sorts. I literally “wear” my inspirations for my latest works as I stroll back home through central park here in New York City. Often strangers will remark on this element of my wardrobe as I pass. New Yorkers are not shy; they will openly comment on how much they like them, and ask where can they buy a pair for themselves? My answer to them has always been that they can’t purchase anything like them that I know of. However, now I can create your very own inspirational jeans for you.

      When you send me a pair of your personal and well-worn, comfy jeans, I begin to focus on them (and their owner) as I do a centering exercise. Following this approach, I move to a short meditation while holding your article of clothing. I  also access a few of my Tarot cards for added clarity. As I come in contact with your energy I extract specific colors. These colors reflect your own personal creative palette, which I will use to paint your jeans.

     Wear them when you desire a stroke of inspiration, when starting a new project, or when you are simply trying to solve a problem in need of a creative solution. Of course, you can simply just wear them as an expression of your intention to exhibit more of the creativity that is your birthright…..in fact it’s in your JEANS.


  • Jen's Jeans
    $95.00 Jen's Jeans
    Send your favorite pair of jeans to be custom painted by Jeannine according to the cards.

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