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Francis Goodwin                                           https://plus.google.com/107407252410657023224/about?gl=us&hl=en

Cynthia Siu                                                    kamwo.com/grandmeridianclinic

Alexander Technique

Mark Josefsberg                                            http://markjosefsberg.com


Joeseph Addeo                                              josephaddeo.com

George Ward                                                  cygnusastrology.com

Rebecca Gordon                                            mypathastrology.com


Dr. Merril Rudin                                              rudinchiropractic.com

Dr. Jamie Blau                                                chiropractorupperwestside.com

Coaching Education

Coaching for Transformation                        leadershipthatworks.com


Jyogan (John) Hakata-Kohler                      jyoganreiki.com/home

Peter Goldbeck                                              edgarcaycenyc.org/

Intuitive Counselors

Nancy Attenucci                                            betweenworlds.us/class.html

Massage Therapist

Kristy Zadrozny                                             kristyzadrozny.com

Katinka Locascio                                           earthandskyhealingarts.com

Tarot Education

The Tarot school                                            www.tarotschool.com 

Tarosophy                                                      tarotprofessionals.com/tarosophy.html


Angela Monti Fox  M.S. L.C.S.W.                  angelafoxlcsw.com

Elinor Greenberg Ph.D                                  elinorgreenberg.com

Helpful Sites

AstrologyZone by Susan Miller
Susan gives a ton of information and is very accurate. Buy her books... support the cause  


The Albert Ellis Insitute  REBT, CBT Tranings and counseling


Dr. Andrew Weil
   Great source of information and products for optimum health and wellness


What the (BLEEP) Do We Know!? 
The film that open your eyes to new possibilities 
A MUST see movie! http://www.whatthebleep.com/

Eckhart Tolle 
Helped thousands of people find inner peace and greater fulfillment in their lives.  http://www.eckharttolle.com/

Christiane Northrup, MD 
Internationally known for her visionary, empowering approach to women’s health and wellness.


Sonia Choquette, Six Sensory Living-An inspirational teacher of intuition development 


Namaste Bookshop. a great source of metaphysical bookas and supplies


Jennifer Hadley, Gifted Minister, Counselor who specializes in A Course in Miracles 


 A Course In Miracles Online Text 


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