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Action, Accountability, Progress!  Recognizing what works and doing more of it!

Let’s face it life can be chaotic!  Many of us are currently lost in the shuffle of daily life. The kids need to be picked up at practice, have to stay late to fix the latest catastrophe at work, and your partner feels neglected, if only you had more time. The squeaky wheel gets the oil as the old saying goes.  Drama is definitely a squeaky wheel; it’s loud and gets our attention.  It even gives us a shot of adrenaline, the drug of choice for most of us.  Sustaining the drama takes an incredible amount of time, energy and often money, causing us to feel like we are desperately clinging to edge of a spinning merry go round.

 When you and I enter a coaching relationship, we schedule regular appointments depending on your coaching package.  Unlike the Tarot Consult, where I do most of the talking, Tarot Coaching is a dynamic process designed to help you create a stronger future.  We will set goals and develop creative strategies to achieve them using the cards as a tool for both self reflection and projection.  Coaching empowers you to lead a peaceful, grounded, happier life, designed by you, starting now.

How would your life look if you said no to Drama and consciously chose the life you live?

  • More time to do the things that matter to you
  • More calm
  • More energy
  • The best possible you

Coaching can empower you to lead a peaceful grounded life designed by you, starting now.

Coaching sessions:

  • Identify what really matters to you
  • Prioritize your needs
  • Develop strategies that are doable for you


  • Coaching Packages
    $650.00 Choose Options Coaching Packages
    The coaching relationship provides the support and encouragement necessary for you to identify what is working in your life and enables you to create strategies to do more of it, while letting go of patterns of behavior or...

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