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WTF?! I Grew Again!

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One morning last week, I hurriedly grabbed a pair of jeans out of my drawer as I was rushing off to meet a client. Rush, rush, rush, seems to be the theme for me each morning lately. I slipped my feet in and pulled up the jeans but when I hit my thighs they stopped. What? I haven’t gain weight, well I didn’t think I did, and I’ve been eating healthily. I laid on the bed and with a final pull got them all the way up but the zipper was 3 inches from being anywhere near closing. What the @#$^&#@! I was so mad at myself. After I lost 30 lbs last year! Obviously I had been snacking a little more than I thought!

I put the jean back in the draw and pulled out what I call my big girl pants, jeans I kept from when I was a little heavier. Put them on and off I went. My inner monologue went something like this that day:

“ I can’t believe it? It’s not possible. But jeans don’t lie. I did eat a lot of junk over the holidays. I guess my metabolism is slowing down again blah, blah, blah.”

I was putting away laundry a week later and picked up the same jeans, noting the size on the back label. 25” I haven’t fit in a 25” waist in 20 years!

The jeans belonged to my 20 year old daughter! I hadn’t gain weight! But, I had mentally beat myself up for a week over something that wasn’t true and didn’t matter. What a waste of time. I had to laugh once again, foiled by my own misperceptions.

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