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MIA Online! Where Have I Been?

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Where Have I been?

I’ve been MIA online for a while (I haven’t even written a newsletter this year!) and people have been asking why. Well, life caught up with me, the way it tends to catch up with us all, and I had to take a little time to readjust. I’ve had a very eventful year. To start with some of the positives, I finished up my BFA in December with a successful exhibition of my paintings in the Leubsdorf Gallery on East 68th Street. Thanks to those of you who came by! On the parenting front, I was busy guiding my youngest son through the college process. Last month I dropped him off as a freshman at the University of Miami and now find myself an empty nester! How did this happen so fast?

Now that school is over, my kids are out of the house, I find myself with a little more time to ponder the loss I experienced in March, the passing of my Father.

In life, my Dad was not a huge believer in the metaphysical. As an engineer, he believed in proof, he didn’t believe in psychic ability, mediumship, or anything paranormal. He had a very black and white mentality. Literally, I remember him saying on several occasions “Jeannine, everything is black and white, there is NO grey area”. This belief was a bone of contention and the grounds for many an argument between the two of us over the years. That was just my Dad.

On the night of his passing, my sister said, “I just wish he could give us a sign.”

“Come on,” I responded, “he just left, he has to get acclimated and learn how to do things where ever he is.” Not five minutes later, the lights flashed three times throughout the house. I laughed and asked, “Do you believe in ghosts now Dad?”

The next day my other sister called and told us she had the same experience at around the same time. Since then he’s been busy with signs to the whole family, almost not stop. But, the message that was the most healing came on a recent trip to Florida. I “accidently” found myself in the rural town of Cassadaga, a small spiritualist community, and thought, “what the hell I’ll get a reading.”

The first thing out of the medium’s mouth after she connected to my father was, “There is no such thing as black and white, everything is various degrees of grey.”

I like to think this was my dad’s way letting me know he has a changed his perspective on many things we often disagreed over. I know my dad is there looking out for me, but probably still rolling his eyes whenever I bring out a tarot deck.

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