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July Newsletter-That Was Easy!

 www.jeanninecarson.com    July Newsletter                   That Was Easy!                                      In the June Newsletter (June Newsletter-What You Believe You Percieve) I gave you a quick method for identifying limiting beliefs and I challenged  myself to work on some of [...]

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June Newsletter - What You Believe You Perceive

 www.jeanninecarson.com    What You Believe, You perceive!   What I find interesting is that most of us think our beliefs are facts.  According to the dictionary a belief is “ theacceptance that a statement is true or that something exists”.  The acceptance of a belief is what makes it real to us.   In retrospect, what society has accepted as fact in [...]

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May Newsletter- Say NO to Drama!

 www.jeanninecarson.com    May Newsletter                 Do you yearn for a Drama Free Life?    Let’s face it life can be chaotic!  Many of us are currently lost in the shuffle of daily life. The kids need to be picked up at practice, out of milk again, laundry needs to be done, have to stay [...]

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April Newsletter

  Jeannine Carson - The Tarot Coach http://thetarotcoach.com  www.jeanninecarson.com    April Newsletter             Hello             Why do we love our pets so much? Humans have been domesticating animals for dozens of centuries.  Early evidence of the domestic dog can be traced to Asia 15, 000 BP and domestic cat origins may be traced to Cypress 9,500 [...]

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March Newsletter

      March Newsletter www.jeanninecarson.com  Hello Fellow Seeker    Tarot Tuesday and The Friday Night Movie at  The Tarot Coach Facebook Page  According to Dr. Martin Seligman, author of the book, “Flourishing” one of the keys to living a happier life is focusing on the positive.  As a recovering pessimist, I am making a conscious effort to make the shift and I [...]

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Welcome Newsletter

Check Out My New Website! www.jeanninecarson.com   What is Tarot Coaching? A dialogue between a client and myself begins the process of transforming the information gleaned from the cards into life strategies that promote positive change in the client’s life. We discover what’s already working and do more of it by utilizing a client’s innate strengths.  In effect, the [...]

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Happy New Year! Is this the end?

             Happy 2012!!!  Is this the end? December 31, 2011 marked the end of another 365 day Gregorian calendar year and as usual we reflected on the past, bombarded by the media with video montages that included Kardashians and the exploits of politicians' sex lives, is this what we want to [...]

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