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carson-about.jpgThe tarot chose me during a brief visit to a little metaphysical shop in Key West where I was compelled to purchase my first deck 15 years ago.   As I became more aware of my innate skills, they naturally evolved, as did my intuitive feelings about the cards and the people on whose behalf  I was reading them.  I found the practice of Tarot to continually offer valuable insight that facilitated change when combined with my coaching skills.  A dialogue between me and the client begins the process of transforming the information gleaned from the cards into life strategies that promote positive change in the client’s life.  In effect, through the coaching relationship, the client creates his/her future instead of living in a perpetual state of default.  

The sessions I offer combine the rich symbology embedded within a tarot deck, a psychology major and my skills as profession certified coach (CPC).  My many years of experience as a massage therapist, reiki practitioner, artist and mother have further enhanced my intuitive understanding of people and life situations, adding enrichment to the coaching work I do today.  


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