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Tell us your cards story! Where did you find it?  What did the image bring to mind? What did it mean to you? 

This activity allows you to share the story of your Random Act of Tarot and to explore the journey of others who also found a tarot card.                                           


What is the purpose of Random Acts of Tarot?

1) To bring tarot to the streets by spreading the art of tarot to people who might not know about or use tarot.

Tarot gets a bad rap.  It is often seen and portrayed as a dark and scary form of divination.  I want tarot to go mainstream and dispel its tawdry associations by building a new and dignified reputation  for tarot.  Tarot is really  a tool of introspection to be used routinely to empower you in your daily life. 


2) To encourage people to pause during the course of their day and find meaning in our everyday surroundings.

I always think the best person to do a reading for you is you.  I believe you have all the answers you need somewhere inside yourself though you may have temporarily forgotten them.  Many people spend a lot of time and money searching for someone else to tell them what to do when all they really need is to slow down and recognize the signs that are all around us.

3) To show we are all connected.

This page is meant to confirm that connectedness, and hopefully spread the message to others.  What we do, the decisions we make, and our personal behaviors may seem mundane but all of them add up to make the experiences that shape our lives collectively.  Random Acts of Tarot demonstrate in a real way that each and every one of us effects the lives of others. So, lets find ways to consciously effect the lives of others for the better, even if we start out small.


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